Thursday, January 15, 2009

The World Has Not Stopped Turning

So we are in the middle of a recession. (Or perhaps we are at the beginning, or nearing the end. We won't really know until it is long over.) What is clear is that fewer homes are being purchased, fewer automobiles are being sold, fewer appliances are being delivered, fewer dollars are being spent across the board.

Please note one very important word in the preceding paragraph: "fewer."

I did not write that NO houses or cars were being sold, or that NO money was being spent. The economy has certainly slowed, but it has not stopped. Business is still being conducted. But many people are acting as if they must hide in the bomb shelter until the big, bad recession goes away.

That's bull****. It is a weak excuse for not being willing to compete for business. Too many people in business today have grown fat and lazy during the last ten years of prosperity. They think that customers and sales should magically drop into their laps in ever increasing numbers.

New reality, folks. We have returned to a time when you have to earn every dollar you make. When you have to do what it takes to steal market share from your competitors, and to fight for every customer.

Some businesses remain unable or unwilling to go on the offensive. They will fail.

Those that adapt and get aggressive with their marketing and sales efforts will survive, and then REALLY make hay when the economy climbs back up.

"Tightening your belt" has two connotations. You can cinch it up to try to hide your hunger pangs. Or you can gird your loins to do battle.

Which will you choose?

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