Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make ONE New Year's Resolution: A Blog

I have never been big on making New Year's resolutions, either personally or for a business. But I am going to make an exception for 2010 and urge you to get going on a blog. Here's why:

1. It's easy. While it is best to host a blog on your company's web site (see below) you can always get started with a free blog hosting service like Blogger.com or Wordpress.com. It takes very little time to set up a basic blog. You can customize the look and format later, if you want.

2. It helps SEO. "SEO" is search engine optimization, and it is the best way to grow traffic to your web site organically, without spending money advertising the site. Updating your blog (if it is hosted on your web site) on a regular basis tells the search engines that something is new and worth viewing, thus incrementally increasing search engine visibility and placement.

3. It's a great marketing tool. Sharing knowledge with your customers and prospects has always been a terrific way to brand a business and build trust. In the past we have used newsletters, white papers and published articles to accomplish this. But a blog is faster, more immediate, less expensive and is rapidly becoming an accepted - if not preferred - way of receiving communications.

If you have not already done so, make 2010 the year you enter the blogosphere. While a blog is not the path to instant riches and success, it is an increasingly important tool in communicating in the business world.

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