Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does Blogging Work for Small and Medium Size Businesses?

Aside from its value as a mental exercise and outlet for creativity, does writing a regular blog provide any value for a small or medium size business? The answer is yes.

A recent study by inbound marketing agency Hubspot (www.hubspot.com) reports that "companies that blog have far better marketing results." The study found that companies that blogged had 55% more visitors to their websites, accumulated 97% more inbound links, and had 434% more indexed web pages.

Are these important figures? Absolutely.

More visitors to a website is obviously vital, as it gives a company more opportunity to tell its story and sell its products or services.

More inbound links increases a website's visibility with search engines, helping the website move up the in the results for keyword searches.

More indexed pages also increase the chance a search engine will find and report a website.

What the Hubspot study tells us is clear: if you want your website to be a more active and contributing part of your overall marketing program, you should be blogging on a regular and consistent basis.

It does not take much to get a blog started. The first post is easy. It is the second and all subsequent blog posts that are difficult! Yet, if you think about it for just a short time, there is plenty about your business to talk about and share.

Take "Start a blog" off your "to do" list and put it onto your list of regular duties. If you need help starting or maintaining a blog, I'd be glad to help. Shoot me an email to bill@scribendi.net and we can work together to make you a blogger.

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