Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Avoiding "Nontent"

In an article for socialmediatoday.com, copywriter Barry Feldman chides marketers who refuse to take risks with the information they publish. He points a warning finger at those who follow all the rules and are afraid to stand out from the crowd for fear of offending someone.  He calls this "nontent."

Is "nontent" what you are publishing to represent your company or cause? Are you focused on filling every web page with keywords surrounded by bland text. Are you taking the time to publish killer copy, or settling for filler copy?

Feldman also writes, ""When you turn some people off, you turn some people on."  You can't please everyone, so you might as well attempt to capture the attention of those who are attuned to something different and a little out of the ordinary.

Our motto here at Scribendi addresses this same issue:  If you want people to be interested, be interesting. That applies to your products or services, your own personality, and the public personality of your business that is seen and perceived in your marketing.

Do something different. Develop a "voice" for your business that is fresh, exciting and different. Don't allow yourself to fall into the rut of expectations to become just another option among many. Be the expert and share your knowledge. Set a tone that sets you apart. By any means necessary avoid wasting your money and your audience's time by publishing "nontent."

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